A Dream come True

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The result of this freedom is motivation and ownership. Software developers and designers working at startups frequently talk of the high level of motivation in their companies. Employees don’t need to clock in at 8 o’clock every morning but because they own the projects they are working on they are doing so nevertheless, or are working on hours equal to those in larger, traditional companies.


“The best work is done by those who are genuinely interested in finishing that project,” wrote Holman on his blog.


One strength of the startup innovation model is the constant, direct feedback that new products and sections of code are exposed to both internally from colleagues and externally from clients. If there’s no boss allocating man power to projects, employees need to lobby for their projects and convince and motivate colleagues that their project is going to work and that it is something customers need. 


"The system moves manpower only into places that matter."


“If I’m unable to recruit an engineer to help me ship an idea, it probably means either the idea isn’t solving an important problem, or it’s just not timely given our current priorities and ongoing projects”, put it Christen Coomer, a designer at game maker Valve, in an article on the website designstaff.org.


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