Startup Innovation

Free of Hierachies and Secrets, small Software Firms can only innovate


The most efficient way to force yourself or your company to be at the forefront
of innovation is to share what you are doing with everyone around you.
If your customers can constantly see what you are working on, when they
can copy your product and adapt it and develop it further, you need to be the
best to thrive.


Some software startups are amongst the world’s most innovative institutions.
They offer the environment that developers, engineers and creatives need to
have ideas and develop products. Many of these companies do away with
internal hierarchies in order to quickly realize the potential of without being
bogged down by internal politics and bureaucracy.


Online collaboration tools allow developers to work together and see what
everyone else is working on. They focus on nothing but joint product development
in a collaborative and very flexible way, enabling them to quickly
respond to requirement changes and problems that emerge along the way.


These online tools are more than just technology. They also function as social
media, allowing these companies to immerse themselves into large communities
of users who contribute their ideas in what is known as open innovation,
further leveraging the innovation power that single companies can field.


The companies place themselves into an open innovation context, which
forces them to constantly innovate.